THE WINTER THAT WON’T QUIT… won’t… uh… quit…

I’ve been talking to friends in Florida and making my plans for next year already… oh, I’m not talking a quick week or two… I’m talking a U-Haul full of my sleeper sofa, coffee maker, and comic books… and a five month stay.

Odd, how many friends of mine in Florida are having repairs done on their homes next year and can’t let me move in.  No problem.

But… in Florida you can always live in an Airstream in the parking lots of Walmart, so that is my back-up plan.  Next year.

ONE… INCH… OF SNOW… the new movie about the crippling storm that dusted Atlanta a few weeks ago... see the trailer on YouTube, click (here)

AND ABOUT… THE VOICE... thank you for all who asked… if you remember, he had a bit of a problem dealing with the results of the Super Bowl…  we are happy to report he is recuperating well and should be back from his resort vacation in about a week... here is his newest compilation of wisdom and prognostications… go to the Brian Smith Radio “World’s Best Sports Picks Page)… or just click (here)

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