AND… congratulations to Tim… just TIm… who was the first to correctly identify the large building on Long Island as a hospital.  Nassau County Medical in fact… confirmed by one of my FM News coworkers, Matt Napolitano….(congratulations on the new job at TMZ, Matt…)

The last weekend of summer.  Oh, I know… it’s not really, according to the calendar and the sun… but really.  It’s the last weekend of summer.  School is beginning, and that means summer is over.  For those of us who left school a long time ago, “School-Brain” never ends… at the end of August, we all feel the need to go stare at the pens and notebooks in Staples… and ask “where did the summer go?”… but when you get a few years away from your last graduation… you ask “where did all those summers go…?”  Then you yell at some kids for making noise.

If you are new here, and you are a sports fan… let me suggest you check out the contribution of our weekly guest columnist, THE VOICE…  his predictions and insight rival those of long-standing, over-paid analysts and commentators on the networks… and in many instances, THE VOICE eats their lunch.  Ok, only once, but we were on a tour of ESPN and we found the kitchen… check out the forecast and inner workings of THE VOICE… and get caught up on THE NFL… MLB…  and a smattering of other sports happenings… go to the SPORTS PICK PAGE…. or just click (here)…

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