SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2012

April 15th?  Already?

I suppose I should start getting my tax stuff together, if I can find it.

When I think of the kind of nail-gnawing horror that tax accountants have to go through this time of year, I’m glad I checked the career choice box that said “anything but tax accounting”.  Knowing the stories I get my accountant and from friends who dare to work in that occupation, I would not handle someone like me in the dignified, respectable manner I’ve come to expect from such a group of such unsedated, sober professionals.

In fact, I’m sure some accountants dream of a modern day version of tar-and-feathering their clients, which would be restaurant receipts-and-rubber cementing…  Then again, if THAT were an option for handling a client, I would have chosen that career choice box for “tax accountant”.

THE VOICE has checked in for this week…  Yankees… Mets… Arena Football… and wisdom you can’t find anywhere… even at the bar where all the accountants hang out on April 16th…  just go to SPORTS PICKS, or even easier, throw away your 1099’s and your W-2’s, and just click (here)…


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