…and hello.

We start the New Year… with a new beginning to the look of BrianSmithRadio… and while we undergo the updating, we’ll try to keep some things consistent… like trying to keep the noise down while doing the hammering.

Like… trying to keep the sound of broken glass to a minimum while the staff drinks all the good beer.

Like… trying to keep at least one of the company microwave ovens clean from whoever keeps putting their stupid underwear in there and leaving it on “high”… can’t explain that one.  Ok, I’ve done it once myself… but only the once, and it was only to dry them faster.

So, while we update, we thought it was important to hear from THE VOICE… you can find his WEEKEND SPORTS PREDICTIONS update this week by clicking (here)…

Thank you.  And thank you for the behind the scenes work to Mr. Peter Sachs…  and a Happy New Year… drive safely… and thanks for listening…

Oh… and one more thing… I have a new gig… and I’ll announce it publicly… soon… along with some other new features and useful fun.  Useful Fun.  My new endeavor for the New Year…. -Brian

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