THE OLYMPIC COMMITTEE contacted THE VOICE three weeks ago and asked him to predict the winners of a few contests and events (individual and team).  EL VOCHE had already mapped out the winners, including his predictions of GOLD, SILVER, AND BRONZE place winners.  HOWEVER, fearing his predictions could perhaps jeopardize attendance at the games, or perhaps even the necessity of holding them, he locked his charts and results in a vault in Greenland.  Enjoy the games, world… and LONDON… you owe THE VOICE a big thank you… as do you, NBC

For the domestic sports predictions of THE VOICE… and maybe a few cheerleaders, click on the SPORTS PICKS PAGE… or just click (here)..

GUT CHECK… A MAN AND HIS DOG… try… try… try not to be moved by this… click (here) (NY Daily News)…

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