Settle down, world. Damn.

BRIAN SMITH is the same Brian Smith of (the former)  SMITH AND BARBER, THE MORNING SHOW on WPLR… his (former) solo afternoon talk show on WICC 600AM, and (the once) host announcer for the Bridgeport Bluefish baseball and the Fairfield University Stags basketball games at Harbor Yard… and more recently… part of the team at (the now defunct)  FM NEWS NEW YORK 101.9FM in New York City… you can email him at:

ZZZZzzzz… MIKE FRAN-SEISTA… Have you seen the video of sports talk show host Mike Francesa (appearing to be) falling asleep while listening to Sweeny Murti talk about the Yankees? check it on the website Deadspin, click (here)…

This is why it’s tough to have cameras in a radio studio.  It’s not pretty.  It means the host has to clean up, shave, and wear a decent shirt.  It means the radio host can’t eat like a real radio host and jam half a Subway into his mouth while a sixty second commercial plays… and it means these quick naps are out.

And haven’t we all looked like that when we wake up and don’t know where we are…?

I sympathize with Mike (full disclosure, we both had the same agent)… I once fell asleep with my head in a cardboard file folder box while I was doing an overnight shift.  Nothing freaks you out more than waking up at work… but hey… at least it’s radio and not driving a bus.

THE VOICE didn’t have to sleep to come up with his premonitions for this week… after a successful run from LAST week… he’s got a new batch of insights and predictions to keep us all awake through WEEK #2 of the NFL… as well as baseball breakdowns as we head toward the end of the MLB regular season… check out his wisdom and bankable knowledge… go to the SPORTS PICK PAGE… or just click (here)…


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