FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2013

Arrggh… THE VOICE has come ashore with his booty of predictions and premonitions of the weekend sports and beyond… read ’em and weep, all ye who listen to the rantings and bellyaches of the scallywags who claim to know more… he’s got yer look at THE PREAKNESS HORSE RACIN‘…  yer NBA PLAYOFFS… MLB Sunday night baseballin’… ARENA FOOTBALL… CHEERLEADIN’ LADIES… and the Las Vegas Buffet Guide to Good Grubbe checkin’ him out at the WORLD’S BEST SPORTS PICKS PAGE… or just click (here)…

CAPTAIN KIDD’S PIRATE DAY AND TREASURE HUNT... Sunday, June 9th… in Downtown Milford, Connecticut..  the Captain and his crew come ashore at 12 noon… so hide your silver, gold, and cold cuts.. argh.


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