BRIAN SMITH is the same Brian Smith of (the former)  SMITH AND BARBER, THE MORNING SHOW on WPLR… his (former) solo afternoon talk show on WICC 600AM, and (the once) host announcer for the Bridgeport Bluefish baseball and the Fairfield University Stags basketball games at Harbor Yard… and now part of the team at FM NEWS NEW YORK 101.9FM… you can email him at:

THE VOICE has brought Easter Bunni back from her “vacation” in Los Angeles to be a bartender this weekend at The Prognosticator Grill and Cafe.. if you remember, she and a certain shortstop for a certain New York baseball team got caught together in the Barkley Room… and she was wearing  skimpy Red Sox gear and taking pictures… she’s been living a life of labor-free luxury in California for the past year and a half, and those pictures have been deleted and hard drives burned and crushed… although word is, THE VOICE has a CD he hides away that may or may not still have some remembrances of that night… and then you know why he gets front-row behind-the-backstop tickets to all the home games… check out this week’s collection of predictions and sports insider pix and opinions from THE VOICE… go to SPORTS PICKS… or just click (here)…

VIDEO: Just a quickie this week… and it still has me questioning reality… damned internet… it’s a guy… playing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”… on… well.. an instrument made of squeeze-toy kittens… OH NO, Brian, you say… the internet may have ruined our privacy, dignity, and social skills, but it’s not THAT crazy!..  and I say.. it has, and it is, and just click (here)… from YouTube…

Have a good weekend… drive safely… and thanks for listening… -Brian

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